Short Version Bio

Hi, it’s me Mike. You can call me Sini if you’d like.

I’m a Passionate Entrepreneur: naturally inquisitive, a lifelong learner, thinker, risk taker, an athlete and creative.

While a B.S. in Biology accentuated my earlier career choices, I was never meant for the corporate world. Over time, I’ve come to realize that life is told in chapters; some much longer than others but each eventually closes and begins anew. Every beginning is a new stage to step onto, an opportunity to showcase what you’re passionate about or to deliberately challenge yourself to gain mastery in other areas of interest. Said another way,

Your Longest Chapters are About Your Passions

My Passions

When I’m not trading stocks and cryptocurrency, I’ve either got a golf club or a camera, sometimes both in my hands. My wife and I share a common philosophy… work 4 enjoy 3, therefore we’re constantly planning our next 3-day weekend escape or extended travel experience.

I welcome you to connect with me where we share common interests. Just click on any link to learn more about a topic of interest.

Have any questions? Drop me a line.